The Heart of Nature

Life is.
I am. We are.
All things achieve harmony.

This TaoJones(TM) saying is my interpretation of the combined teachings of the Tao Te Ching, the Bible and other sacred texts. It is also my hope and my inspiration.

“From the Heart” Speaker Series – Stones

Reflecting on my experience as a professional educator and my experience as a life long learner,  the “From the Heart” series is a collection of three 1-hour talks on conflict resolution. Designed for civic, faith-based and community groups, these 1 hour talks help each one of us focus on the nature of us and realize how we can contribute to the creation and achievement of harmony. They are interactive talks, engaging the audience as active participants in reflection and action toward harmony. Contact us today to schedule a talk.

“From the Heart” Note Cards

Know someone who is going through a difficult time? Do they need a little love from nature? Send a note of encouragement to your friends and family with these inspirational note cards that come “From the Heart.” Contact us today to purchase your note cards.