Coast to Crest #5 – North Shore to Sikes Adobe

We made up the name Lake Hodges North Shore to Sikes Adobe because it is the tail end of the North Shore hike that had not been hiked yet. We started at the Sikes Adobe Staging Area and hike west bound to the look out point just below Bernard Mountain Summit Trail. This was hike #1 with Dawn.

We had a false start, as there are two trail heads at the Sikes Adobe Staging Area. One that leads west, back under I-15 to Lake Hodges and one that leads east to Mule Hill and Old Coach Staging Area. We took the east one first. Then asked directions to get us on the right track.

Base Camp Comms

I don’t recall telling anyone we were going specifically. Have to get better at that.


It took us 1 hour and 48 minutes to go out and back. We went at about a 2.5 mph pace.


We didn’t have much with us.

  • Water (16 oz)
  • GU (1.1 oz)
  • Camera
  • Hiking Stick

Distance and Elevation

The trail out and back was 4.6 miles. No elevation changes to speak of – 115 feet. It was very flat.

Trail Etiquette

Oh, neither of us liked the trail or the etiquette on this part of the Coast to Crest. mountain bikes whizzing by without warning. Same with runners. Lots of both! There was too much activity for either of us. We both wanted quiet and calm. It felt like we were stepping off to the sides to get out of the way of people going well past the posted speed limits and few mountain bikers yielding to hikers.

Sights and Sounds

The view from the look out point was lovely. Dawn snapped a great photo of it. We saw lots of fishermen down on the lake trying for their catch of the day.

On to the next trail!

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