Coast to Crest #6 – Mule Hill Trail

The Mule Hill Trail was hike #2 with Dawn. This was a fun, very flat hike from the staging area across the San Pasqual River Valley, starting at the Sikes Adobe and Farmers Market space.

Base Camp Comms

I don’t recall telling anyone we were going specifically. Have to get better at that.


It took us 2 hours and 28 minutes to go out and back. We went at about a 2.5 mph pace. Faster on the flats!


We didn’t have much with us. And this time, I needed to go to the bathroom on the way back and this reminded us that we should probably pack a pit-stop-pack for future needs! Thank goodness for the port-a-potty at the Sikes Adobe!

  • Water (16 oz)
  • GU (1.1 oz)
  • Camera
  • Hiking Stick

Distance and Elevation

The trail from the Sikes Adobe Staging Area to Old Coach Staging Area and back was 6.3 miles. Our longest yet! No elevation changes to speak of. It was very flat.

Trail Etiquette

I can’t remember a lot of the folks on this trail, but there were quite a few.

Sights and Sounds

There was lots to see on this hike starting with the Sikes Adobe. Then we saw the place hill that is the reason for the trail name – Mule Hill. Next, we came upon a whole lot of piping and lots of caging around plants that seemed to have died. Then, the fields of squash! It was lovely hiking along the farms and seeing the fresh produce still “on the vine”.

On to the next trail!

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