Getting Ready: Your Journal to Help You Deal with and Heal from Sexual Harassment


Getting Ready is a proactive resource to help women and men prepare for their best response in that inevitable moment when they experience gender-based harassment, for the first time, or over time.

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Using 52 real-life scenarios, this journal prompts each of us to explore what we might say and do in response to sexual harassment, not only with ourselves and to our harasser, but also with the witnesses, our supervisors and HR representatives. It also prompts us to recognize where we are strong and “ready” to meet this interpersonal challenge, and where we might need to grow in order to “get ready.”

With this journal you will be able to:

  • Anticipate the kinds of gender-based harassment you might encounter in your workplace
  • Practice, in advance, how you want to respond (not react!) when those moments happen
  • Tap your community resources so that you have a team of people supporting you when you choose to respond
  • Improve your workplace culture by being and leading the change you want to see in it

Here is a sneak peak at the table of contents.

Getting Ready - Peak Inside


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